Recovery Resources

When I decided to get better, I bought myself a brand new spiral notebook. I have an obsession for paper and notebooks (you can never have too many, I say!), and I had to buy this new one. The cover is a calm and refreshing shade of sky blue, graced with a tickled pink peony on top, and the word BLOOM written across the middle. It’s a positive and soothing notebook, and I wanted it to symbolize my path to recovery.

Then, I went into a frenzy and researched all that I could on recovery. I had only had a couple of sessions with my eating disorder counsellor and a university social worker, and I was so happy to find a wealth of information online on eating disorders, recovery, and body positivity through amazing women’s blogs, websites, books, and Instagram accounts.

I was so happy to find information about, for example, the physical side effects of recovery – I thought I was the only one who felt absolutely winded from eating more, and I was so confused over how I found myself having “more energy” when I was starving! So, this following list is just a small collection of places I’ve consulted for help, and I still frequently return to during my recovery. If you’re in the same place as me, or worse or better, you’ll like these. If you don’t have an eating disorder, they’re still good to look through so that you are aware of the disorder’s complexities, and you can help someone in need.

ED Bites – I love this old blogspot! There’s an updated version of the site, which you can also visit, but this blogspot had a lot of great articles.

Science of Eating Disorders

The Eating Disorder Institute

Everything ED Recovery – Frances also has a YouTube account, which is awesome!

Recovery Warriors – I love this newsletter, reminding me of my recovery accomplishments, giving me more recovery tips, and Jessica Raymond also has an informative podcast on iTunes.

f*ck your eating disorder

The F*ck It Diet – I absolutely love this! It’s like intuitive eating taken to a whole new sassy level! Caroline Dooner also has an awesome energy work thing going on, and a great radio podcast show.

Maddy Moon

Lauren Fowler

The Anti-Diet Project at Refinery29

Stop Fighting Food

Rachel W. Cole

Summer Innanen


Anastasia Amour

An Interview with Gina of Nourish and Eat

Intuitive Eating – This book continues to save me everyday!

Goodbye ED, Hello Me! – This one too!



You Don’t Have To Do Anything

These are less about eating disorders and recovery, but just as important if you want to know more about the ~truth~ about food and nutrition. Not just what schools and governments tell us:

The Fat Nutritionist

Junk Food Science