1794: Part 5.2

Here it is, the fully completed Part 5! I’ve kept part “5.1” from my previous post online, but I’ve simply added a document with the other important events I wanted in this section of the story. Well, there isn’t much new to report, since I last wrote on Monday. I’ve been reading this really awe-inspiring book … More 1794: Part 5.2

1794: Part 5.1

Happy Monday dearest readers! Finally, I am getting closer to our first pivotal event… I’ve had this and other important parts ready for weeks, and tonight I simply couldn’t finish tying this and the next really crucial part together (I kind of should get to sleep, hehe), which is why I’ll continue working on it tomorrow, … More 1794: Part 5.1

1794: Part 4

Hey all, thanks for waiting! I was pretty excited to write this part for this week. I did want to add Joanna Hammond’s wedding, but miscalculated how long it would take. Anyway, here is the continuation of the story… Read Part 4 here! And if you need a refresher, here again are Part 1, Part 2, Part … More 1794: Part 4

Nutcracker, Part 1

It’s just over two months since Dance Fredericton’s 10th Nutcracker, so I thought I’d write and reminisce about it, and show you a few pictures from behind the illustrious red curtain of the Playhouse. To be honest, I’ve been reluctant to write this post. I was looking through our hundreds of Nutcracker pictures last week, … More Nutcracker, Part 1