Books & Links

As I’ve said in my Writing page, fiction is my passion. I love reading it, and I love writing it! I think it’s very important for everyone to have a passion, and try hard to follow it, for money or just for fun, but for those recovering from an eating disorder, it’s really important to have a passion, and hold onto it. Imaging myself as a published writer, even an okay one, was what gave me hope and dreams for the future.

Since I’m really into writing historical fiction, climate fiction, arts & culture, romance, and futuristic space travel at the moment, here are a couple of really neat websites and articles I absolutely adore.

By Heart, from The Atlantic: This is a highly recommended section of The Atlantic’s website for any writer. They have the most memorable and helpful articles, short essays, and interviews with authors, who talk about everything, from what it’s like being a writer, to publishing help, to who their all-time favourite fictional characters are.

Project Hieroglyph, is a project from the Centre for Science and the Imagination at the Arizona State University. Basically, they encourage any writers to write science fiction that includes the social and economic dimensions to the very technical and hard-fact things that mathematicians, scientists, engineers, and entrepreneurs write about. They have an anthology of stories, which are awesome! It gives us some hope for the future, you know? This is a good read if you’re feeling a little down from all that dystopia.

The Tomorrow Project, another great website like Project Hieroglyph, with anthologies too. Here is their mission, which I couldn’t have said better myself:

“The Tomorrow Project is an international project that uses science fiction based on science fact to spark conversations about the future. The project believes that everyone should be an active participant in their future and that science fiction based on science fact can give us a language to talk about those futures. We ask people to imagine both the future they want and the futures they want to avoid.” Well said!

FutureCoast: This is the coolest website, especially if you’re into climate change, the future and dystopia like me. This website is “a storytelling project about possible climate-changed futures,” and a “way to listen to diverse ideas about climate-changed futures and to be open to crowdsourced wisdom about them.” It’s kind of frightening to think of at some times, but you listen to these voicemails where people are talking about getting their last bottles of vitamins and pills because the stores are closing down due to the fact that the world is, well, rationing and going to hell (figuratively), or how they’re getting worried because their Florida beach house won’t sell because buyers know it will be flooded soon anyway. Like all of these futuristic websites and books I have listed here, it’s basically another way to imagine our future, and if you don’t like it, then you have to change and help the planet and humanity.

Aeon: This is like Thought Catalogue, mixed in with academics and mini-essays. They have some amazing reads, and interesting and educational videos too.