Feeling Everything

Hello again! I’d like to write about something else today. I feel more of a normalcy surrounding my anorexia recovery by writing about it on my blog, which helps me feel better and I hope it makes others feel like they can talk about their struggles too. It’s not such a big, scary, taboo creature … More Feeling Everything

1794: Part 7

I’m getting more and more excited for this story. Maybe that’s because I’ve written the beginning of a preeeetty pivotal event for the plot and the relationship between certain characters! Leading up to this part, I guess most days it was just hard for me to get back into it after spending the nights of the last few … More 1794: Part 7

Let’s Start Here.

Here I am, finally. I’ve wanted to have a personal blog for a long time (4 years actually), but I was always too scared to make one. Scared to write anything, scared of what people will think. I thought blogs were narcissistic, and I didn’t want to be seen as such. What a silly assumption! … More Let’s Start Here.