About Me

Welcome, dearest reader! I’m Nikki Thériault, and I’m so glad you’re here! This site, which I think is pretty nice, is just a little place to share pieces of myself, my life, my favourite things, things I find important, and eventually a place to post my stories – short stories, novellas, and excerpts of novels I’m working on.


I’m a pretty quiet and shy person at first, but I love writing, so I think this is a good place to share more of my fun and creative self with the world. For those who don’t know me (and for those who do, you might find something new), I’ll introduce myself first.

  • New Brunswick, in Atlantic Canada, is my home province, and I love it so much. Not a lot of people know about it, and sometimes the rest of Canada forgets about us or downplays us, but its land and people are pretty amazing. I’m going to cheer a lot for it here!
  • I’m currently living in Montréal (the story on that later), but it’s not forever; it’s just for now, to explore, work, learn, grow, and in a few years, I’ll be back home in NB, to support it, explore it, and help it grow even more.
  • I’m a lifelong ballet dancer. I started when I was just a little thing at Dance Fredericton, and continued studying up to the end of my undergrad years. I taught ballet to little ones for about 7 years, led arts and dance camps for many summers, and performed in Fredericton’s Nutcracker Ballet for 10 years in a row.
  • I love reading and writing (I have an honours degree in World Literature and Culture Studies, from UNB, to show for it), and I always try to keep up with my other interests, such as illustrating, crafting, making things for my apartment, you name it, anything that involves creativity and nimble fingers!
  •  I love art! Not just pinning random art on Pinterest or hanging up my own watercolour (no offence at all to fellow Pinners or anyone!), but collecting art made by artists. I know it’s easy to paint an okay watercolour or sketch a portrait, and how almost everything in today’s world is considered “art,” but growing up and eventually working in my family’s fine art gallery (Gallery 78 in Fredericton, check it out here!) and learning about talented individuals, their artistic education, and all the work they do everyday for their craft, I see how important it is to support local artists, especially those for whom art-making is their only source of income. So do an artist a favour, and buy their work! By the way, I also run the gallery’s Instagram page, so check that out if you have time as well. ;)
  • On another note, I’m also a recovering anorexic. I used to be in denial of being sick for way too long – mainly because I wasn’t educated about mental illness or eating disorders at all in high school, and in university I was afraid. I was afraid to even just tell one person about it, and I mainly didn’t want to tell anyone because I didn’t want to get better. It sounds awful, I know, but after a lot of work, I’m doing much better. I hope to shine some light on this all-consuming illness here, share my stories or recovery, give tips, and be there for anyone who just wants to talk.

That’s really all you need to know… The last thing would be that I can be quite a silly and dorky person, and I’m learning to love and embrace all of me more everyday!

This blog is still really new to me, and I’ll be writing more and expanding on the points I brought up here in due time. I hope you like it!

I look forward to our time together, as writer and reader, and hearing about you too! Leave me a note whenever you want to; I’ll be happy to read it and write back!

Nikki ^_^


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