1794: Part 10 & Home to NB

Hello again, my dearest readers! I’m sorry it’s been so long since I wrote last – gosh, almost two months.

I was having a difficult time adjusting to the hot days of summer in Montreal, with the commute to a job I’ve had enough of for a while, and coming back to our apartment, sweet as it is, but without any airflow and constantly hovering between 85 and 90º F – even overnight. I was too hot and tired to write, so I regretfully put Mary, Hugh, and all the others on hold for a while.

Then, I became really anxious and stressed, being alone in the big city when Jack left for his vacation in Fredericton in mid-July. I was mentally prepared for being alone for two weeks, cooking, packing my lunch, and entertaining myself at night and on the weekends, but the day after he started his bike ride to New Brunswick, I had severe diarrhea and was in bed all day. (Sorry if this is tmi, but sh*t happens – pun intended!) I was glad it was a Saturday, so I was able to stay in bed. I was better on Sunday, but I had it again on Monday and worked a night shift from home. That week was a blur because I was stuck in the bathroom every other morning, though I recall having my yearly review at work which I was stressed out for, and the added stress of me overthinking my situation (being alone, unable to keep any food in my stomach, forgetting to drink any water, hating work, missing home, and my fast-beating heart not slowing down) did nothing to make me physically feel better.

Ahh, home.

In a nutshell, I went back home for 3 weeks of vacation (unexpectedly, I went home 1 week earlier because I couldn’t stand being in Montreal alone anymore so my dad drove up to get me), loved it so much and felt infinitely better, so I decided to stay. Now, I’m happily living back home for a while! Jack and I spoke about moving back at the end of November instead of next July, which sounded good at the time, but I found still needed to move back sooner. That being said, Jack will continue living and working in Montreal until the end of November, then we’ll be living together again. It feels like a repeat of last fall, when he moved to Montreal in early September and I joined him after Nutcracker at the end of November, but it’s okay; everything will be back to normal soon.

Anyway, since being here, I’ve felt so inspired and became excited to write again. We went to Kings Landing a couple times, which was exhilarating (for me!) because, as you know, that’s the kind of setting I have in my head for 1794 and I could practically see Mary, Hugh, George, and the others going about their daily lives. I took a lot of pictures when I went, totally fangirling at my own story, and I’ll be adding them to these posts with bits of the story to give you more of a visual. But I have so many! Maybe I’ll just make a public Dropbox folder sometime and share all those images. We’ll see!

Here are a few pictures for this post. The first picture (left to right, top to bottom) is the Long House, and that’s the kind of house I imagined for the Hammonds, with George’s shop and living quarters close by, as well as Bradford and Alicebell’s plot of land. Then, a facecloth and water pitched with a lovely wallpaper in the background from the Perley House; a stack of books by a window in the Perley House living room; the famous Perley House, and this is exactly the kind of lavish house the Wilsons would live in; an example of a fireplace in the kitchen; and a sweet cow, just because!

Alright, so what has happened since last time… Well, Mary was sick, and sorry to say that she still is in this part. However, the end is near (not for her, I’ll spare you that, but the sickness), and depending on how much I write, she might be getting better in Part 11. There are a few other dramatic events in this one, and I think it ends on a hopeful note for two unlikely characters. Okay, enough setting up the scene, you can read it now for yourselves.

Here is Part 10 for you to read

I also have a version of this part in a larger font, and you can access that here!


Thanks for reading and let me know what you think; I love hearing from you!

xoxo, Nikki



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