1794: Part 9

Good evening, dearest readers!

I don’t have too much else to write about tonight. Once again, my head has been swimming in this story all week. I was so glad to have the St Jean Baptiste and Canada Day weekends off, so I took a lot of that time to write this part and many more to come. I feel happy and if you asked me what I was thinking, I might blurt out something a new and exciting development in the story. It’ll come, soon enough!

I’ll tell you what to expect in this part: Mary’s typhoid fever is still going strong. In case anyone has done research into it, she’s about “halfway” through. It’s described as lasting 4 weeks: one week being a cold/slight fever, which Mary had the week of Alicebell’s miscarriage, week 2 is fairly intense (which is what we have here), week 3 is like the peak of the fever, and week 4 is when it levels off and starts to go away. So of her being sick is near – it’s just hard for Hugh, Theadosia, Mary herself, and her family because they don’t know that.

I’m trying to get through her sickness a tiny bit quicker, so I can move on to more exciting things. I’m kind of squeamish and I want her to be better already, but it’s only week 2! And I want her to be better so she can, well, talk to Hugh again, as a healthy and radiant young woman. Wink wink!

So here it is, Part 9!

The classic Ingraham House at Kings Landing.

Told you it was a short post! ;) I only wanted to post this part, that’s all. Looking forward to posting Part 10 next week! Then things will start moving in favour of… oh, you’ll see! I don’t want to spill anything.

Have a wonderful week!

Nikki, xoxo




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