1794: Part 7

I’m getting more and more excited for this story. Maybe that’s because I’ve written the beginning of a preeeetty pivotal event for the plot and the relationship between certain characters!

Leading up to this part, I guess most days it was just hard for me to get back into it after spending the nights of the last few weeks cooking, forcing myself to eat everything and more, and thinking about what I want for myself in recovery. I still cook and eat everyday, obviously, but like I said in my other posts about getting back on track after a little relapse, the prospect of cooking and putting all the work into it forever drained me out (it still kind of does, some days), which is why I put off writing. And there were sometimes during the week where I got caught up in the business of other people’s questionable use of work outs and diets, but I promptly reminded myself that it’s not my problem, and contrary to what my irrational side tells me, I won’t “catch” what they have and suddenly spiral back to An. No, I’m better than that!

(I’m not always this happy in this last picture, FYI, I was just trying to look like someone who has it together, who has no doubts and fear fears of the quality of her writing… plus I just wanted to take a somewhat silly picture. Because happy pictures!)

But I’m glad I have writing as my “thing”: it’s something that gives me joy, it keeps me excited during the day, and I don’t mean to sound dark when I say this, but it’s another thing that keeps me going on the hard days when I don’t feel like, you know, doing anything.

So, back to the story, I have a longer excerpt this week. I did more writing than I usually do this past weekend because Jack was quite sick Friday night and spent all of Saturday in bed, so while I wasn’t running back and forth from the laundry room cleaning our growing pile of dirty clothes and sheets, I was writing about the progression of Mary’s mysterious sickness, and the uncovering of some stuff with Hugh’s father, Thomas, George, and Mary’s parents… read on:

Here you go, you can read Part 7 here!

So, I wish you all a good read, please let me know what you think, and I hope you have great weeks (and a good Mother’s Day Sunday!). I’ll be doing more writing, and reading my new books I got after my appointment with my nutritionist: Eating Disorders Anonymous, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for Dummies (hey, it couldn’t hurt), and 8 Keys To Recover From An Eating Disorder Workbook. I can’t wait to write all over these pages!


xoxo, Nikki


8 thoughts on “1794: Part 7

  1. I could have kept reading and reading. I am enjoying the character development very much. The flu is hard to deal with now, so am quite concerned for Mary’s situation. Looking forward to more…best of luck writing this week!


  2. I’m on the edge of my seat! Love the fact that Hugh is caring for Mary despite all the social mores and risks involved. With supervision of course☺️


  3. Hi Nikki,
    Germaine read jt to me after supper yesterday evening…but this morning I read it again, nice and slowly at my own speed…eenjoying all the subtleties of your writing🤗 I love the tale as it developes , I hope Theadosia makes sure Mary gets enough fluids….and I like george😋
    What, by the way, is the”home brew” Judah is drinking😄 I so look forward to episode 8!! xo


    1. Aww, thank you Oma!! You’ll see..! Hehe, it’s beer; I just thought it was a fancier way to say it for those days!


  4. Nikki, This part 7 is the best yet. Like Germaine, I wanted to keep reading more. Now I can hardly wait. I wish my Mum was still alive … she would absolutely love this story and setting.



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