1794: Part 6 (Finally!)

Yes, things are starting to get moving!

In the story, yes, we find out more about Mary (didn’t she have a cough? And what about Alicebell? And Hugh?!) and a few other characters. But I mean that things are moving again, in my mind, body, and life. You’re all aware of the little relapse I had and steps I took to get back on my recovery track, and I feel better now that I have a therapist at an eating disorder centre and nutritionist that I meet with to help me out. I thought it would mean giving them some of my worry, but it actually gave me strength and even more motivation to show them “I can do this!” Right now, it still consists of eating on schedule, eating a bit more every time but not taking more time to do it (because I’ve been eating painfully slowly, most of the time, until now), and it feels great.

There are also some other things I’ve been sifting in my head, work-wise, since my birthday (ugh, yup, 23, I say as I try to be excited and embrace an older age) getaway in Burlington VT, but most importantly, I’ve got energy to think about and write in my story again!

So, here it is, Part 6!

Please pardon and let me know of any mistakes… I may have typed this out kind of last minute and late at night, so beware! And I promise to post the next part on Monday, like I used to. Love you all! :-*

xoxo, Nikki

Just a sunny day of biking with Jack! (Really posing here, can you tell?)

6 thoughts on “1794: Part 6 (Finally!)

  1. Welcome back, dear Nikki. I love the description of Frances and am pleased that Alicebell knows she is loved. Am so enjoying the story and getting away from 2017 for a spell.


    1. Thanks mama! I know, I thought you would! Totally, I love getting away with my stories (kind of why I write them and lose myself in the research.. ^^)


  2. Hi Nikki, so good to hear from you again. I am saving the story until my afternoon coffee. Is the Volkswagon in the picture with Jack, from the Canada Council Art Bank
    by any chance?


    1. Yay, I’m glad you like it!! It makes me so happy. That’s actually a prop/seating place at the newly renovated Ben & Jerry’s store in Burlington, VT! It’s such a cute spot!


  3. So glad to be back in Macnaquac. Especially Loved the little detail of the foggy cloud hanging over the river being associated with the sadness of the loss of a loved one😍


    1. Yeah me too!! It felt comfortable and cozy again – even though it’s sad sometimes. Thanks for always reading!! ^^



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