1794: Part 5.2

Here it is, the fully completed Part 5! I’ve kept part “5.1” from my previous post online, but I’ve simply added a document with the other important events I wanted in this section of the story.

Well, there isn’t much new to report, since I last wrote on Monday. I’ve been reading this really awe-inspiring book by Peter C. Newman, called Hostages to Fortune: The United Empire Loyalists and the Making of Canada. You can read a great review on it here, but basically this book is informational, full of facts I had no idea about (did you know that tarring and feathering, the act of pouring mildly hot pine tar onto a name body, dousing them with bird feathers, and parading them around the town to humiliate the person, was a common thing Patriots did on Loyalists in the States?), and Newman talks about the harrowing journey of Loyalists, people who were simply loyal to King George III in England, living in the United States, and how they made their way through the United States during the Revolution from 1765 to 1783 and up to Nova Scotia.

I like gathering facts, and there are a lot of things I’m going to use when I have Mary have a few flashbacks in the coming parts. That way you get more of their complex history, as well as Hugh’s – because really, who is this guy?!

Then, I won’t forget a bit of Acadian and Native history. I hope I’m doing some of this history justice, even just for well-intentioned enjoyment, but I cannot forget about their history. You don’t have any yet, but you will, you’ll see!

Well, I hope you enjoy the rest of Part 5, and I’ll post Part 6 as soon as I can at the beginning of next week because you’re likely wondering what the heck Mary’s cough is all about… Nothing, I just think it’s worth mentioning that she has a cold in June, which is strange.

Have a great weekend, my most adored readers!

xoxo, Nikki.


One thought on “1794: Part 5.2

  1. OH Nikki, that was so sad. Poor Alicebell and Bradford! Buba doesn’t like it when I cry like this first thing in the morning. I think it puts life properly in perspective.
    Thank you for your story. I so look forward to each new part!



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