Tiny Breaks & Planning

Hello again! I just wanted to say how much I enjoy posting on Mondays. I have the week to type out (and heavily edit) what I have in my Moleskine from 2012, and the weekend to write for Monday night’s post.

I knew people were following my blog and keeping up with my little novella, but it just makes me so happy when people comment directly on WordPress and say when they like a certain part or are looking forward to something! Actually just a while ago, I was laying in bed after supper/cleaning, and I squealed like an excited child on Christmas morning or their birthday, telling Jack about the people who liked and commented on my story! And for that reason, I feel bad for not having any new story bits for you this week… (BUT that’s alright, I still have things here for you to read now!)

I’m really sorry, but I didn’t have that much time to write the next part. Rats! After reading about the growing excitement for the Wilsons’ welcoming party in comments on my last post, I just sat there and thought “huh, I’m excited for this part too!” Of course I’m being silly; I teasingly meant to say that haven’t written it yet, and I can’t wait to see how it turns out.

Well, I did technically write it, in my Moleskine. However, I’ve already altered so much from the original story that certain events and relevant conversations I wrote out in 2012 wouldn’t make sense in this new version. Plus, I really want to take my time and write a perfect party scene, with our (are they?!) potentially blossoming lovebirds Mary and Hugh. And Joanna’s wedding, of course!

So, that’s why I’m going to put it up next week. On the positive side, here’s what I did work on this week: I set aside most of Saturday to just sit and think. Jack and I are watching Sherlock from the beginning (yeah, I know!) because we have my family’s DVD of season 4 – but we need to start from the beginning because Jack has never seen it! And YES I want to see it again! Anyway, what I wanted to say was that most of Saturday I looked like Sherlock just sitting in his apartment, palms together, fingers straight and nestled under his chin, looking straight ahead, deep in thought.

I don’t know if I should share this – it may seem silly, but if I were reading an author’s stories and she said “gosh, I don’t know where this is heading,” I don’t know if I would be nervous or admire her for admitting it… Anyway, I didn’t have an idea how 1794 was going to finish, but now I do. Yay me! I always knew of this one REALLY eventful thing that would happen near the end (and it’s killing me not to say what it is), but I didn’t want it to be finished after that.

So Saturday, Nikki Holmes found an ending. Then I accompanied one of my good friends (let’s be honest, as the shy newbie in Montreal, my one good friend here) to… wait for it… a cat cafe! There are, like, 4 in Montreal, and I absolutely loved it! There’s an idea for Fredericton…! Here are some heart-melting pictures. And to top it off, we saw the most adorable 12-15 month old baby hobbling around, trying to go after the cats. So, needless to say we were pleasantly distracted. (Click on the kitties to expand the adorableness *_*)


But I did end up writing more future events, things that you’ll see in Parts 5 or 6. Things are going to get intense, just saying. ;)


So, that’s my little story for this week. I promise, I’ll write out the party scene and wedding and then… well, you can guess for yourself, but things will be moving along, if you know what I mean. (This pictures is my face exactly as I write this!) I mean, it’s 1794, you don’t have time, as a young man or woman, to “date” and take years to find the one you’ll marry, you know? Okay, I’m not saying anything more!

In the meantime (I know you know where to find them, but still), here are the links to my posts on Part 1Part 2, and Part 3, and you’ll find the links to the PDFs there.

And see you next Monday!

xoxo Nikki ^_^


4 thoughts on “Tiny Breaks & Planning

  1. Thank you for the behind the scenes process story. Sweet to hear how it all comes together. Looking forward to next week!
    What a good idea to give people who don’t have space for kitties the opportunity to still enjoy their company. I have a feeling you will be there again! =^.^=


  2. way to build the anticipation Nikki😁Now I’m looking even more forward to the next instalment!
    Love the Cat Cafe pics. And the cat stands are amazing❣️



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