1794: Part 3 & Almost Spring!


As I posted on Instagram last week, I explained that I didn’t post because I had my parents and Oma visiting for their March Break. It was a lot of fun! Funnily enough, when I had them with me, who I could show around, entertain, eat and shop with, and I felt more love and excitement for this city. When they left, I was a but sad again, and less enthused. But I won’t dwell on that right now – that will be for next week (I’m teasing).

Image 2017-03-12 at 3.31 PM (2)Our guests stayed at a sweet B&B on Argyle Street, which was a perfect 15 minute walk from our apartment. We had every supper together, they met me at every lunch hour and we went somewhere new to walk and eat, we took them bowling at the Forum, and Wednesday night and Thursday we spent our time at Le Spa & Hotel Le Finlandais in Rosemère, just north of Laval. Jack and I really enjoyed our time, and we were basically only home to sleep and have breakfast.

It was a lovely March Break for us too, even though we didn’t go away. We saw new things, had great catching-up conversations, and I hardly felt like I was working because I was always looking forward to whatever else we had planned next.

20170306_191907Now, things are slowing down. The one good part is that our days are brighter longer. Tonight, I was ecstatic coming home and making spaghetti with Jack because it only started getting dim at 6:45 or 7 (I actually wasn’t looking at the time I was hopping around the kitchen helping with supper). Let’s rejoice, spring is coming!

And our nights alone again mean writing again. Before posting this, I was having a mini breakdown about my stories. Not just 1794, but these other ones I have in my head.

Self-imposed deadlines are tough. It’s not like in school, where you know you have to finish the essay by a certain date. In that case, you do everything you need to to do to get it done. Not sleep, eat chocolate or whatever is there to grab, and skimp on work. I can’t do that *laughs nervously.* I need my sleep, I need to keep eating (I’m doing really well, by the way!), and I have a full-time job. For me, I thought I’d have this novella finished by Easter so I could  move on to the next thing, but there are so many things I want to put in, and at the same time there are other novel ideas bubbling over in my head.

I suppose it’s just a matter of giving myself time to have fun and just put those ideas down. I work everyday, like everyone else, and make supper, and clean, and a lot of the times I just want to stay in bed and read (or not read, but sleep), but I want to write.

Now that things are calmed down a bit, and we’re back to our routine, I’m going to feel better with myself and get things done. In any case, here’s Part 3 of 1794. I hope you’re liking the story so far, and that Mary and everyone are still working for you! Let me know if you like it, I enjoy hearing what you have to say. This part is a little shorter than the others I think, but don’t worry, there’s some exciting (in a good and bad way) stuff coming up!

You can find Part 3 here! Here are quick links to Part 1, Part 2, and the character list – just in case. ;)

Happy reading and see you next week!

Image 2017-03-12 at 3.31 PM (3)


10 thoughts on “1794: Part 3 & Almost Spring!

  1. Hi Nikki…happy Mary knew the secret to treat poisin ivy, I certainly wouldn’t have known that. She sounds like an all around lovely girl. This dance will be fun. Thank you for the story and for March Break!
    Thank you also for the new way to load the stories…much easier than on google drive. Kisses


    1. Yay mama!! I know, I remember doing a lot of research of what local plants treated (I’ve got pages full 😅), so there’ll be more of that!
      I’m glad DocDroid is working better!


  2. Good morning Nikki,
    I agree that it is now much easier to find all the parts to your posts. I couldn’t read all of the last one, so am happy that you added links to previous posts this time. Keep going it is beautifully authentic sounding. Love the pic of you and Jack through the window.


    1. Yay, I’m so glad! I know, when my mum showed my how it was on the iPad, it kept redirecting to the Google Drive app (iPads always think they’re being helpful!), and it took forever. So I’m glad this DocDroid site is better!


  3. Hi Nikki, I am hooked!! After reading part three, felt I needed to check the list of characters (like in a Russian novel, though the names are easier to read😀) should have done that right at the beginning! How interesting, where and how did you find all these names…fascinating. I love the whole setup and look forward to the next episode!!!😃💐❤️


    1. Yay, I’m so happy!! I’m glad you love it! ^_^ Haha, English names are! 😅
      I found these in a 1851 census of Kingsclear Parish. So, these were technically real people, they just lived later than I have them live in my story (1794). I’ve kept most of their ages the same, and I got all of their occupations from what the census said, like the blacksmith, inn keeper, all the help.. Unfortunately I didn’t find an actual herbalist or doctor (maybe there was one, but there were SO many data entries of all the families!), but I wanted George Hammond to be one anyway. I remember my history of NB courses fondly, and when “practical” medicine came in to the new land, it was met with some resistance with the traditional/herbal way of healing, as you can imagine.


  4. Hi Nikki , Thanks for part three and your march break report…loving it!!! I send a comment today; I’m not sure if I did it correctly…because when I clicked “Go” a line appeared, saying something like “your comment is awaiting moderation”😐what do you think could that mean…too long?

    Have a great day and upcoming eekend😋❤️

    Ps: how did you both cope with that mass of snow😩

    Inge Pataki



    1. No, that’s ok! I don’t go on my blog that often (really, just to post, but I should check more often to read these lovely comments!), and I just have to click “approve” on the comments. Don’t worry!



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